Long Weekend at Topsail Beach - July 2012

Another year, another beach trip with the family. 

When I say we stayed on the beach, I mean we really stayed on the beach.  High tide went under the house. 

We brought the doofus with us.  The dog too.

These colors don't run...though they will tatter and fade and sometimes get tangled in the bushes. 

On the other side of the island from the ocean. 

More marshland. 

The weeks clan came for a visit one of the days.  Ben aka "Egg."

Booker T aka "his name is too awesome to need a nickname."

The red velvet cake made for my birthday went over well. 

This kid likes to creep and peek.


Just looking at this photo makes me tired.  I pulled Egg a couple of times and was totally worn out. 

More creeping.

Brian and his travelin' hat. 

It was a nice break.

Some Instagram pics...

The tide washing under the porch.

Floating in the tide pool.

Seashell driveway. 

Max in his dog nest. 

Fishing boats in Sneads Ferry. 


For all your cheesy beachwear needs.