Quick Trip to Topsail Beach - July 2010

The family was at the beach for a week, and we joined them for the last part of it.

Burt's first trip to the ocean, and it delighted him immensely.  Every time some shore break rolled in he jumped over
it like it was going to bite him.

My lens was foggy from just having been taken out of the air conditioned house to the immensely humid air.  It
cleared up eventually.

Look at that cute bastard.  The dog is handsome too.

He was pretty bugged out over this jellyfish, and surprisingly had the good sense not to root into it. 

Chelsea and her fancy hat prepare to board the boat and float down to Wrightsville Beach for some scenery and lunch.

Making our way out to the intercoastal waterway. 

It was a beautiful day. 

We tied up down at Dockside for lunch.  If you had told my 18 year old self I'd be eating at this place I would have laughed my
ass off.  It was a place for rich beach people and fratty types. 

Floating back to the house. 

You're rich and got a giant house on the intercoastal waterway, so what do you spend your money on?  Well, a life size cement
giraffe obviously. 

Topsail is a pretty, quiet beach town.  highly recommended if you're looking for nice clean sand and water and small crowds. 

So you're telling me if a giant beach is coming towards the shore, we should evacuate?!?  Color me surprised & informed.