Tom's Creek Falls - March 2013

I've done this trip before, but waterfalls are fun so let's go again.  Plus it's a super easy trip, just a few minutes from my mom's house. 

It was a gloomy, wet day, but a nice walk in the woods regardless. 

Not the falls. 

Tom's Creek Falls.  And since the leaves weren't out yet, you could actually see the whole thing. 

The Rash clan joined us.  Rambo can't look at the camera and Jake can't keep his eyes open.  They're obviously related. 

Chelsea and Lauren.

They also brought their delightfully dumb boxer Dolly.  A considerably better behaved dog than...

...this turd blossom.  Wouldn't hold still for anything, nearly pulled Chelsea to the ground multiple times, jumping in the creek - king of brats. 

This mid-bark shot is as close as we could get to a posed shot. 

Remnants of the old mine.  there was a waterwheel here. 

Tons of bracket fungi everywhere.  I always called these lichen but was recently set straight. 

On our way out of the park, had to stop and take a snap of this beat up old Buick Skylark.  Then some redneck nearly let his dogs eat me.