Todd's 31st Birthday!

Yeah, he looks like he's turning 21, but this old bastard is well into his thirties now.  Old man Todd
came up from his new home in L.A. to celebrate with us Yay Area yokes.

We spent it celebrating at El Rio - rock bands and drunkiness was on the menu that night.

Drew also came up from L.A., and Zack down from Napa, so we were running mad deep in North
Carolina peeps.

Also, we invited a monkey to the events.

You can see Todd is starting to feel the effects of Mr. Alcohol...

Add another to the NC krew - Brent was there as well.  That's enough to field a basketball team, fools!
Bring it on!

Grinny Chelsea made an appearance after she got a couple of hard ciders in her.  She loves those
fruity drinks.  

Lomo was there, giggling as always.  She'd been drinking and eating jambalaya all night, so obviously
she was in a fine mood.

The Anatomy of a drunk.  Our Subject: Todd.  First, the shot...

Second, happy times, as the alcohol is just settling in...everything is gravy.

Finally - confrontation.  His friend Shannon gets the receiving end of a drunken tirade the proportions of
which you have never seen.
(actually, they were probably just gossiping about their former days at Deluxe together...)

Meanwhile, Drew and Zack look on in horror at the events unfolding before them.  Lo, these dark
days of drunkeness will haunt their very souls throughout the ages.  Or not.  Whatever.

See?  He's totally haunted, horrors and such.  Or making some form of sex face.

The day after = operation hangover cure.  The cure being, dicking around, shopping in the rain, eating
junk food and watching basketball.  Zack's reaction is just what you would expect at the prospect of
such a day.

I'm pretty sure these Hello Kitty slippers look how everyone felt on this rainy day.

Drew spent a good portion of the day reading up on new interpretive dance techniques.

And then did what he called his "Nixon" face, which made no sense and I can only assume that the
alcohol was still coursing through his veins.  

Not Pictured:  whores, lots and lots of slutty, slutty whores.  No birthday party is complete without whores.