Tilden Park August 2005

I'd never been to Tilden Park before...it's a pretty rad spot.  

Here's Chelsea in the woods.  Parks have woods.  We were in a park.

There's a lake in Tilden Park, I dunno what the name is but it's probably something imaginative
like Tilden Lake.

See, I wasn't lying!  You can pay to swim there and scream with the kids, that's what they
were doing, screaming and what not.  Kids!

Despite her expression here, Chelsea is not developmentally disabled.  I'm pretty sure at

I might be though.  No biggie.

We saw a turtle, but it was moving so fast the picture was blurry.

We saw a stream too, it was also moving.  Water can get like that sometimes ya know?

Here's Chelsea's reaction to the concept of moving water.  You should have seen her reaction
when she first learned the laws of thermodynamics!

I guess this is a "family portrait" or some such shit.

Creeper pictures! Randoms randomly enjoying the greater lakeside area.  

Colors of the lake.  It's kinda like art, only not.  

Then we drove up the hill, where they have a miniature steam engine.  It was pretty awesome.
We were the only adults riding without kids.  

See, a train!  

This kid in front of us?  None too pleased to be on this contraption.

View from the train.

Of course, I was totally thinking about Johnny Cash's album "Ride This Train" the entire time.

This is like one of those bad Mossimo shirts that all the frat boys wore back in college.

Off to the side of the rail line there was an even more miniature train system, complete with
fake towns and all of that.  Bigger than the model railroads most folks have in their home,
big enough that a person could actually ride on it!  I'd never seen anything like it.

Railroad stuff, along the ride.

Some close-ups of the rear of the train.  Heh, I said rear.

Some big trees of the surrounding area.

On our drive home, a view from the top of the hills...you could see forever if it wasn't for that
damnedable fog.