Thanksgiving - November 2009

On our wy to Mamaw's for turkey day.  Max is excited because he knows almost everyone there will sneak him turkey bites under
the table.

Harriett patiently awaiting grub and staying out of the way. 

Meal time.  Not pictured is my plate full of macaroni and cheese and a mountain of yeast rolls.  That's how I "roll". 

Of course the most important part of the meal, dessert.  In this case, a huge slice of homemade cake from Bryan's mom.  It
was one of the best things I have ever tasted.  I ate probably two or three more slices before the weekend was over. 

Just looking at this photo makes my stomach grumble out of sadness that it is not tasting this cake right now. 

Took a walk in the woods behind Mamaw's house, try to burn off some of that cake...

Remnants of a decaying shed.

Chelsea and Burt enjoying the nice weather for that time of year. 

We let him run wild on occasion up there, but you have to have a dog biscuit on hand at all times to lure him back to the house,
otherwise he might end up three counties over on the trail of a rabbit. 

Got lunch at Ernesto's with two-thirds of the Rash clan, baby Rambo and LAuren.  Jake was off at the football game yelling at the

Also met up with Greg there, and LAnddry as well who I hadn't seen in at least 10 years. 

Rambo isn't quite as messy an eater as his father, but he's trying. 

Also appears to be developing a bit of a foot fetish.  They become sexual deviants so young these days...

Delighted to meet you.

Next time I see this kid I'm shaving him bald and making myself a toupee.