Thanksgiving & Random Pictures - October & November 2008

First Thanksgiving back home with the family after moving back.  Didn't usually make it out for these when I was living in Cali. 

Chelsea celebrating her pile of tasty southern Thanksgiving foods. 

She also made sure to take a photo of my non-meat meal: a chik patty, some mac and cheese, and a huge pile of yeast rolls. 

I love this photo - it makes me think of a Homer or Norman Rockwell painting.  Not sure what Emily is eating, but she seems to
love it.

But not nearly as much as she loves dressing up the goose.  Yes, my grandmother has a goose that wears different outfits
depending on the season.  Yes, my family is crazy.  Yes, so is yours. 

Bryan is about five minutes shy of a turkey coma.

You're wondering: what is Max looking at?

Donkeys, obviously. 

Here is Burt's impression of a Civil War general posing solemnly, as was the style at the time.  No, I don't have any idea what
I'm talking about. 

Hey, a selection of shitty show photos!  Read the accompanying reviews either somewhere on the main page or here

Cryptacize, a band from the Bay Area that I never saw when I lived there.  The singer was so cute it made my head hurt. 

Daniel Smith of Danielson Famile/Brother Danielson/Danielson.  Color me intuitive, but I think I see a theme in his band names.

Jay Reatard at the Local 506.  Yeah, it's just a red blur, but trust me, it's Jay. 

King Khan of The King Khan & BBQ Show doing his best harem girl impression. 

Nathan and Rash and Rash's tongue joing me at the KK+BBQ show.  Nathan nearly beat up some drunk stinky Asheville hipster.

I don't know why but I'm fascinated with taking photos late at night while driving.