Thailand Vacation,  Part Three: Ayutthaya               June 2006

We rented a car and driver and took a day trip to the historical capital of Thailand (then called Siam), about
an hour outside of town.  It was pretty damn impressive, there are so many ancient ruins there it would
probably take days to see them all.  As you might expect, pictures can't really do it justice, but here are a few

Chelsea smartly took photos of some of the signs, so we would know what we had seen when
we went back and looked at the photos.

This was the second place we stopped at, but I list it first because it was my favorite.   The ruins stretched
on and on, it was almost too much to take in.

Um, that's where we are, we're right there.

Temple cat!!!  This thing was tiny and sweet and let me pet it.  Nearly all of the wild cats and dogs we
came across were friendly.

There were a bunch of bats hanging out behind me on the inside of that ruin - I was too
scared to go up any further, what a pansy.

This is apparently a famous spot - one of those crazy trees grew up around a buddha head and now
it has become a part of the tree.  Pretty neat.

I will celebrate the seeing of a new set of ruins with a chupa sucker.  We forgot to take a picture
of the sign at this one.  It was considerably less deteriorated than the others, or perhaps it had
been restored - most likely the latter.    

These ropey trees ares everywhere.

Fancy fixed-up buddhas.  

This strange spot had all of these stuffed-animal offerings, I had no idea buddha was a big
Winnie the Pooh fan.

Wat number three on our tour - Ratcha Burana.  This place was incredibly tall and very cool.

You could go up these steep steps and actually enter into the man tower of this wat.  As hot as it was,
it was just nice to be out of the blistering sun.  

From the inside you then had the option going down these crazy steep stairs into the bowels of the wat -
god knows what was down there, cause we were too scared ot check it out.  

Documentation of two of the cooler tuk-tuks we saw on the trip.  Airbrushing, so hot right now.

Another different wat - not sure what this one was called either.  

There were elephant rides you could take, but I just couldn't convince myself to try it - I've always had a
hard time justifying riding around on the backs of animals just for kicks.  

Did I mention it was hot?  These photos don't accurately portray the 5-10 pounds we both lost
on this day from sweating.  It was literally akin to being in a sauna for hours on end.

Lunch time...sitting under a shade tree with cold drinks by the river, it was pretty delightful.  
These guys at the table next to us were trying their best to finish off a whole bottle of whiskey.

Across the river was a catholic church, which was odd to see after days of buddhist

After lunch, we saw a few more local ruins...

I sorta got roped into a purchasing a poppy and some incense to put at the reclining buddha; no big
whoop really, like most things in this country it was cheap - only about 25 cents.  

The reclining buddha had painted toenails!  Awesome.

The street dog was totally disinterested though.

Bye bye temples!  It's back to Bangkok then off to the beach in Samui...