North Carolina State Fair - October 2011

We went to the state fair like we do every year.  And I took photos like I do every year.

Prettiest cow contest, or something like that. 

DONKEY!!!  I love donkeys.  The only thing better than a donkey is...


Grand champion in the "big ass melon" category. 

Apparently you can even enter bales of hay into the fair.  See, you learn something new every year. 

I got a bible question right during quiz bowl in high school, much to the surprise of every person I know.  I actually knew the answer because
it was the lyrics to an old first wave ska song. 

One of these is my wife and the other is the greatest purveyor of jesus chicken the world has ever known.  In some ways I'm married to both.

Harriett all up on a kebob.

Maybe the greatest sign ever known to mankind. 

Fair folks, part one. 

Fair folks, part two.

Fair folks, part three.  America!

Fair folks, part four.  No one won me a giant banana...

Fair folks, part five. 

Fair folks, part six.  Probably should have won a smaller dog. 

I love the fair.