North Carolina State Fair - October 2009

Just as we do every year, we went to the fair.  This time it was at night, which was a new thing. 

This is what a fair looks like. 

Prizes.  Whatever happened to "Bananas In Their Pajamas" anyways? 

Three words rarely seen together - "fresh", "fried" and "vegetables". 

"WORLD'S TALLEST HORSE."  There was a taped track that just said this over and over.  I still repeat it daily to Chelsea. 

Waiting in line to buy fried goodness. 

We looked at livestock, as is the thing to do at the fair.  Look a cow!

Fried fish is of course tasty, and most of the time you eat this hot...but the phrase  "hot fish" grosses me out to no end. 

I'm always surprised that "freak shows" still exist.  I also find it interesting that only a couple of the creatures listed here are
described as "real". 

As always, it was a fun night at the fair, and additionally I was too scared ot take photos of all the freaky people there as they most
likely would have kicked my ass.