Weekend Trip to South Carolina - March 2016

What with the kid being birthed, I missed my good friend Todd's wedding last fall.  When h said he was going to have a party for his east coast friends and
family down in Garden City, SC, we made a long weekend of it.  On the way there, I took a lot of car photos of the backroads.  

We took 401 to Fayettville, 95 for a little while, a smattering of small backroads, 410 in SC, 701 to Conway, and 544 into the Garden City area.  All of the old
house photos are from along that route.  

View of the marsh behind Todds family's beach house that has been in their family for a few generations.  

The crew, from left to right: Sassy, Goose, Tizzle, Jimjam, Dizzy, Senor Highpants, Ultimate Katherine, Brown Trout, Ol' Red, and Wojo Jr.  

This baby is ridiculous.  

The grizzly and the grizzled.  

Booker T twerking, as any six year old does.  

I made Rash hold the baby.  

Endless love.