Another year, another snow! - February 2015

This is a compilation of snaps from two different snows that happened a week apart.  Mostly bird photos, as was the style of the time.

Token house shot.  

Token hound shot.  Can't believe I got him to sit like this without bribery.  

Blackbirds that were hanging out in the trees in the backyard but took off just as I tried to take their photo.

Most of the action happens at the bird feeder...a cardinal hides out from the falling snow.  

A Brown Thrasher just before hopping up on the bird feeder and knocking seed out of it onto the ground for a solid five minutes.  What
an asshole.  

Who benefits from this?  This Robin.  The Robin is, of course, the stupidest of all the small songbirds, just real dumdums.

A Tufted Titmouse tickling his tastebuds.

The birdhouse that never has any birds in it.  So lonely.  So very lonely.  

Mr. Grumpus dog says goodbye for now.