Snow! - February 2014

It doesn't happen a lot around here.  I took a couple of snaps.  

We got a four or five inches and then a layer of ice from freezing rain on top of it.  Luckily it wasn't so much freezing rain that it caused
major issues.  Everything was white, glazed, and crunchy.  

View of the neighborhood after the road got scraped.  

Iced pine needles.  The limb these were in was bent to the ground from the weight, a limb that is normally over my head.  

Back of the house.  Just like the front of the house, but backier.  

Not a lot of action in the iced over bird feeder.  Plus, the little pig birds had emptied it.  

There was a surly blue jay down below though, squawking and carrying on.

Cardinal hiding out in the azalea while another blurry bird takes flight.  

Birdhouse during the storm.  

...and that same birdhouse the next day when the stoy was over and everything was melting.  A tufted titmouse looks on.  

Puffed up dove.  "Puffed up" is not an official part of their name, though when they hang out in this dogwood they are often that way.  

Lots of titmouses in my yard.  Titmice?  The first is probably correct but neither feels right.  

Titmouse in flight.  

Carolina wren hanging on to the feeder.  Love those black and white heads.