Skating The New Sacto Park January 2007

Me and some of the lads loaded into Eric's boogie van and made a lazy sunday road trip out to the
new massive Sacramento skate park.  You can see a photo of the whole thing here.

Parker wrangled with his board - he was certain tighter bolts would equal landing all the hot new tricks.

I decided this would be a good time to fuck around and figure out the video part of my new digi
camera.  I need to remember to start all the clips earlier, but otherwise it is pretty fuckin' rad.  There
are clips linked to each of the next four photos, just right click and save'em...all but the second one
are decent size files, the next trick will be to figure out how to make the video clips at a touch lower
quality so it doesn't take forever ot download these short clips.

Shea shralping the smaller pool-style bowl.  

A quickie of him catching some high tile...this would make a great animated
gif if I knew how to make those things.

Parker pumping and punishing but not able to pull that 50-50 in the shallow...

Doug with the trick of the day, a stylin' rock in the deep end.

You can't make it out so well in the photo cause I wasn't quick enough on the pic snapping front, but
king mohawk pictured here had obviously just recently dyed his extreme hair and his scalp was a fancy
shade of bright crimson like a red-assed babboon.  

Needless to say, it was a pretty goddamn funny sight.  

More skating clips to come soon (hopefully)!