Vacation Part 1: Singapore March 2005

Here we are at SFO chipper and ready to sit in a plane for a million hours!  Yay, long plane rides!

Taken mid-flight as we flew over the south of Japan.

Note the delirium in our eyes after landing in Singapore in the middle of the night after a crazy-long flight.

Sunrise from our hotel room - it was actually much more vibrant than this, but I was delirious from sleep deprivation and
couldn't operate the damn camera on time.

This was day number one of 9 days in a row of pool swimming.   Mmm, chlorine goodness.

The inside of our hotel, looking down - it was a pretty impressive hotel, kinda dizzying looking down.

View from the roof of our hotel.  Can you see the mugginess in the air?  So hot.

Vibrant Hindu Temple in the Chinatown area.

Sights on the streets - vibrant vending machines and lots of rules.  The whole town was impressively clean.  

Chinatown, land of stinky food booths, cluttered sidewalks, and cheap goods.  Pretty much like all Chinatowns.

Views from the river, where we took a boat tour.  Pretty much the only trash we saw anywhere in this country was in the water here.

Also from the boat tour - the statue was called a merlion, which is sorta the mascot of Singapore.  And the durian shaped building
is their convention center I think.

Colors along the river - this area was particularly bright.

The Raffles Hotel, which was just amazing.  You felt like you had walked right into colonial times 200 years ago.  

Chelsea hates this photo of her - she thinks she looks "ba-tarded".

Little India part of town - we randomly went in this shop that had some of the coolest old toys I'd ever seen, but it was a 1000
degrees in there and I didn't stay long; which is probably good since I would have surely spent a lot of money.

I can't explain this building, but from nearly every angle it only looked to be two-dimensional.  

We also went on a night safari at the zoo, and it was awesome.  For the most part, all of the animals just roamed around, and some
would even come right up to the tram you rode around on.  The pictures from above, you could pay some money and pose next to the
kitty and the owl.  The kitty was so soft and cute, raised as an orphan by the zoo and very tame.  The owl was a little scary that close
up, but still pretty rad.  

Here we are on our way out of town...Bali, here we come!