BBQ at Sharon's House July 2005

These first few are from my polaroid...I actually think the scanner I'm using is getting worse and
worse for no apparent reason - I can't make heads or tails out of why they come out so pixelated.

Ashrita.  I had another picture of her I'm not allowed to post as she said she "looked
pregnant" in it.

Chelsea.  That's her "I'm drinking a fruity alcoholic drink" smile.

Conan.  These bubbles had some great floating power, I think a couple might
have even caught on to the jet stream and made it out to Modesto.

Ian.  Sharon had him dressed in some crazy-ass dress thingy that I couldn't
make any sense of.

Mike and Amy.  It's like a friggin' Miller commercial or something.

Sarah.  Cold chillin'.

Sharon.  Nothing says "hot lady" like the combination of a bathing suit, an
oversized convict-orange hat, and a jacket made of doily material.

Tanya and Conan.  I have nothing witty to say about this particular picture.

Thee were taken with the digital photo box machine thing.

Lookit the size of the goddam sunflower in their yard!  If I was them, I'd have their soil tested for nuclear

Lookit the size of the goddam cat in their yard!  If I was them, I'd have their soil tested for nuclear

Lookit the size of the goddam gut on me!  If I was me, I'd have my apartment tested for nuclear
contamination.  Also, despite appearances above, Ashrita's head is not infested with bugs.

Lookit the size of the Sharon in their yard!  No wait, this is getting stupid, plus Sharon is tiny.  I
did catch a glimpse of her taking off her underwear though.  I think I'll leave that story as is.

Insert witty and/or funny caption about Chelsea here.

Conan + Beer = BFF!  Ashrita + Lurking = BFF!

Blurry Erika - it should be noted she doesn't look like this in real life, like that Robin Williams character
in that one Woody Allen movie whose title escapes me right now and I'm too lazy to look up.

This is her other half Lewis.  I don't know the dude too well, but one thing I know for sure is he can
play the shit out of Dance Dance Revolution.  Sharon totally challenged him one time and he gave
her the what-for and how.

Self-portrait!  I heard shiny foreheads and extra chins are "so hot right now", so please, try and
control your jealousy please.  It only makes you look like a fool.

Every time Mike goes to a party, people make him make their computers work.  He hates that.  
Well, that's what he gets for being smart and useful...if he didn't want the responsibility he could
have always been stupid like me, no one asks me to do anything.  

Please take note of the outfits Amy and Mike are wearing.  I would start wearing dresses if I could
find one just like that  that fit me.

Action shot!  Tanya in mid-kebob, my favorite picture of this whole set.

At some point things got doofy and hula-hoops got involved in the mess.  What's next, a marbles
tournament?  A pet rock beauty contest?

Sarah is a fellow southerner and a cook and damn funny and I hadn't seen her in ages.  Also, she
won the coveted "hat of the day" award.

Sharon and Chelsea and (maybe) Ian manning the meat hooch.  I was hoping for a cleavage shot
here, but it never panned out.