Sharon's 31st Birthday at Brunos December 2006

(Apologies in advance for the poor quality of these pics - we got a new camera and I'm still trying to figure
it out...and I have no idea why things turned out so pixelated, but boo to that.)

Sharon had a birthday party at Brunos to celebrate being a year closer to AARP eligibility.  She rented
out the private room up top, which had a "ca" motif - the above sign on the wall, tiger striped carpet, a
giant cat sculpture hanging above the bar...good times.  

The birthday girl.  The theme of the party was to dress like you were attending a bat mitzvah in the 80's,
which to me meant dress normally but Sharon and some ofthe others all had on these awful, funny outfits
that in retrospect I probably should have taken photos of, but I'm not that bright apparently.  

Conan Neutron was in the mother fuckin' house.  

Here Chelsea does a modeling job in the red hallway with her red shirt - the overall effect

Here we have Katie on the left, a fellow southerner that is pretty much the female version of me.  In other
words, she is super awesome.  And the birthday girl Sharon, of course, celebrating that she has become
a woman again.

I know it looks like I'm being an arty fuck but mostly I was just playing around with the macro setting
on the camera.  

Here we have Ian, Sharon's old man, lighting her tasty cake... that she might blow it out.  Happy B'day Sharon!