Roller Skating on Sharon's Birthday December 2003

recently found these ridiculously old photos on my computer from Sharon's birthday two
years ago...

I dressed up for the event in my dapper cowboy suit, cause what says roller skating more
than country-and-western garb?  Mouse the cat approves.  

We ended up in Redwood City at this run-down skating rink for our nightly good time.  I think
referring to a skating rink as run-down might be redundant though, cause that is the only kind I've
ever been to.  Here I am on my skates about to fall down while Sharon (the birthday girl, in the
middle) and Emily hold back their laughter.

Chelsea and Katie were there too to celebrate the birth of Jesus, er Sharon.  True fact - Katie
is a swell southern gal from Tennessee who got fired from her convenience store job for
stealing gummy candies, just like someone else I know who may or may not be me.

Action shot!  There weren't many instances of me actually skating, I spent most of my
time playing Ms Pacman (I think...or maybe Galaga?) with Sarah, who eluded the
camera all night.  At some point though I figured out how to roller skate like a skate-
board by using the brake on one foot to push, and it got a lot easier.

Action photo #2!  You can't handle this kind of excitement.  Here is Chelsea skating in
circles in skates that have been worn by god knows how many patrons.  People pay
for this?  Mindboggling.

I don't remember Rich (also known as Foxx Trott) ever having skates on, but I could be
wrong.  He definitely wasn't wearing a cowboy suit though...lazy ass.

It had been 7 or 8 years since the last time I skated, here's to hoping it's that long again
unless I can be like the Fat Boys in "Disorderlies" and bring a skateboard in.