Trip Back to the Bay - July 2015

With the impending spawn, I'm gonna miss my good man Todd's wedding - so it was out to SF and it's surrounding environs to have a good,
long weekend hang.  

Along with Todd, Drew was our other partner in crime for the weekend.  We skated four skateparks in three days, a level of skating none of
us had done since was ugly, but fun.

Skate photography is not my forte, obviously.  

We rented a house in Inverness for the weekend, which is near the coast in West Marin in the greater Pt. Reyes area.  

It was not an unpleasant place.  

She's seen better days.  

Since I rarely get to take photos of beached, decaying boats, here's another shot.  

In case you forget where you are, just ask the boat.  

T + A.  

South Beach.  This area is generally pretty overcast but this was the only day we had like this.  

The view of the coastline from the Pt. Reyes Lighthouse parking lot.  

Drew is Cornholio.  

The lighthouse, obviously.  Skipped walking down to it this time, it's a lot of goddamn stairs.  The view up top is better anyways.

Life finds a way.  

Crazy wind patterns on the sandstone...nature is weird.  

Saw some baby deer and their mom on our walk back...they seemed pretty nonplussed about a bunch of humans standing fairly close to

Drove out to the Chimney Rock overlook as well...cliffs for days.  

If you looked down there were some lazy ass elephant seals doing their thing on the small beach.  

More deer, totally ignoring me, hurting my feelings.  

Some phone shots, especially since I didn't take my camera with me for most of the rest of the trip.  

Took BART to Oakland, at least some of the color there hadn't changed.  
Always loved this building.  

Held my first baby, Drew's second named Liam.  His wife Thao did not give
me a choice.  It was weird.  He was a lot heavier than I expected.  

Japanese candy section at a fish market in Berkeley.  I got all up in some Hi-Chews.  

Drew found a 4XL shirt to match his pants...not sure if it's big enough though.  

Rasta sheep....ungulate of the people.  

Completely perfect vintage Jaguar - I might have messed my pants a little bit when I saw this.  

Stopped to check out a sunset and climb on some rocks.  Got called "homos" by a passing car
in the most hilarious way possible.  

The sunset we stopped for.

The cows didn't give a shit.  

Panoramic from near Pt. Reyes lighthouse, plus Drew lamping.    

From the other side of the peninsula near Chimney Rock.  

Todd loves horses.  Ask him about it!

Most of California.  

Ice plant!

Baby cows being sequestered from their moms so as not to interrupt milk production.  Kinda sad
but they seemed healthy and well take care of otherwise.  

BART was closed on our way back to SF so we took the might have actually been faster honestly.  Certainly more scenic.  

Some of the restaurants and bars have changed but parts of it still feel like the Mission.

Golden hour shot of the old El Capitan on Mission...

...and Brunos next door.  Glad to see it still kicking.  

No trip to the Bay is complete without a visit to see my A's...even if they are dogshit this year.  

Hing out with the bro-in-law Skyler at the game.  

It was a Monday night game against the O's, so some good seats were very affordable - second row!  Warm-ups was the only time
Jesse Chavez looked good on this night, he got knocked around pretty good.  

Bullpen and their Ninja Turtle backpacks.  

I miss you SF and Oakland.  I miss your weather and your nature and your sports and especially your burritos.  But your cost of living can
go and fuck right the hell off.  Back to NC!