Back to the Bay - November 2017

It had been a couple of years, time to resoak my bones in the fog and burritos of SF.  

Played tourist after I got there and went to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Despite living there for years and driving over this thing twice a day for a couple of years,
only once or twice did I ever actually walk on the bridge.  

Not great weather for photos, but whatevs.  

Time for a new paint job on the old gal.  

While eating lunch an old dude pulled up in this classic 1954 Rolls with suicide doors.  No biggie.  

My homey Todd (Who I always crash with) now lived in the Richmond - that meant one thing...onion dome churches from the Russian immigrants.  

fog and graffiti...we're definitely in SF.  

I'd been wanting to visit for a while, but I picked this particular weekend because a reformed Hot Snakes were playing and I NEEDED to be there.  More
photos of this show on the next band photos page.  

Felt like seeing some big trees so we went to Muir Woods National Monument.  Obviously, no photo can ever do these giants justice.  

My hosts, Jamie and Todd, two damn fine people.  

More of the woods...

Bracket fungi.

A few phone pics...

Todd lives in the Outer Richmond, right near the indmill portion of Golden Gate Park.  

Pano shot of the SF Bay from the bridge.  

Honestly, it's the pluralization of cunts that is the most confusing here.  

Hippie shit in the Haight.  

Just a couple of random Victorians I took a photo of and decided to include for no particular reason.  

It's not a trip to SF without a trip to Gaspares.  

A vertical shot from Muir Woods, which comes closer to describing how tall these
trees are but still isn't quite good enough.  

Finally drove over the new part of the Bay Bridge...very shiny.  And nice to be in the sunlight instead of under the top deck when headed east.  

East Bay hills.