SF Indie Party at Thee Parkside July 2006  

My homeslice Manny and I planned a little get-together at Thee Parkside to commemorate all sorts
of things - CD release for his band, my birthday, and most importantly, to throw a get-down for our
SF Indie List brethren.  I've worked a few of these and this one was by far the most successful.  
I spent so much of my time talking with folks, making milkshakes and helping ensure things were
running smoothly that I forgot to take many photos, but here are a couple...

Manny set up his giant inflatable rabbit, which meant one thing - time for a photo shoot.  First up,
moustached Tack.

Then, former Slow Poisoner and current Palace Family Steakhouse'r Rich.

And finally, the man behind it all, Manny "Manfred Mann & the Mann Band" Ponce.

Sarah, former Indie List moderartor and bitchin' cook showed up with the ingredients to make a
tasty cobbler and set forth on her project.  Southern girls know whats up when it comes to the tasty

Brandy and Clay trekked up from Pacifica to make an appearance.

The remnants of the peach-n-blueberry cobler which got devoured quite quickly.  

A blurry pic of some Indie Listers and pals of mine - the always foxy Molly and Jan (also always
foxy, of course).

Mike Snackfight, the maker of awesome mixes and knowledgable dub reggae dude.

This is as close as I got to actually taking photos of the bands - I took a photo of Rich and Sarah
watching Manny play in his band Skiffington.

Bagel Ted even made it out ot the shindig, cold and all .  Thanks to all who showed up, it was a
real hoot.