Long Weekend in SF - August 2011

Flew to SF for a long weekend of A's games and dicking around.  Flying over the Rockies...

Victorians, copious powerlines and fog.  You instantly know you are in SF. 

Down Mission Street.  Try to imagine the piss smell and the creepers all around. 

Mission Street through the iPhone. 

Mission High School.  always been fascinated by this building.  So ornate. 

Nearly every day I spent some time in the Bi-Rite Creamery line.  It was worth it. 

Inside the Creamery.  Eat all the tasty things. 

Took a stroll through grafitti alley. 

Lazy hipsters or clean well-kept crackheads?  Either way, you're in the Mission. 

A trip to the Mission means thrift stores.  My best find - a stack of classic wrestling magazines,
most with Ric Flair on the cover.  Wooooo!!!

I was mostly in town to watch the A's and hang out with Todd.  This is Todd. 

We went out to the Richmond and had dinner at one of my very favorite places in the whole wide world, Gaspares. 

The decor is stuck in a time warp, yet timeless. 

You have these mini Seeburg jukeboxes at every booth. 

I remember when this was actually a theater.  It closed down not long after I moved
to SF.  Pretty sure I saw "Bring It On" there, or something equally vapid and awesome.

After dinner we popped into the "new" Joes, which is pretty much just across the street from the old location.  It was all nice and
shiny and new, but they still had their old menu board and the same elderly Asian couple running the joint. 

Jamie enjoys her cup of tastiness. 

Todd made quick work of his as well. 

The 500 Club has one of the best signs in town, but this was the first time I'd
ever taken a mediocre photo of it. 

Since Todd lives right above Tartine, I decided one morning to go wait in the stupid line to
get some tasty treats. 

The results: ham and cheese croissant, chocolate croissant, morning bun, and a hot chocolate. 

The spoils of Todd attending the A's bobblehead day for MC Hammer.  I must
have one of these.

Went to a couple of A's games while there, one of the main reasons for the trip honestly.  This
was the view from the first game...

...And this was the view from the second game, stepping it up a notch proximity-wise. 
Unfortunately, the team stepped it up in the sucking department and let me down in both
of the games.

A dinner walk to the Castro.

Over the hill is Noe Valley, my old home. 

Photocopied porn lying on the sidewalk.  This being SF, it did not strike me as weird. 

Super Duper Burger in the Castro.  It was indeed a super duper burger.  Definitely recommended.

I know it's trite, photos of power lines, but fuck it.  They appeal to me. 

I think someone is really stretching the definition of motorcycle only. 

More from the Mission.

Inside Cancun on one of my two burrito visits.  I always plan to have more, but there are so many good places to eat...

I know Cancun gets a lot of hype but it's for a reason...such good burritos.