The Rosebuds Play Bimbos August 2005

My homies The Rosebuds came to town and played at Bimbos, opening for the legendary Teenage Fanclub.
The Rosebuds are Ivan (left) and Kelly (right) in the front, and they had Wes (left) and Reid (right) in the back
helping them on the tour.

My photos of bands are bad enough with my camera, but with the digital they are full on retarded.  And to add
insult to injury, the club had a "no flashes" policy.  So the turnout was either blurry...

...or too dark.  Oh well, I actually got some decent photos of them when they played Bottom of the Hill recently, to
be uploaded in the near future, so no big whoop.

"Art shot".  Lights in the lobby reflecting through a plant.  Can I get an art grant now Mr. and/or Mrs. NEA?

This was after the show, the crowd was gone, and I had bought a slurpy down the street.  Clubs are weird when
they are empty.

Also, I helped the band sell Teenage Fanclub's merch after the show was over.  T's were $25 and I sold A LOT
of them.  It was pretty insane.  

Also also, soon after this photo I fell going *up* the stairs to the green room, right in front of Teenage Fanclub.  
If I fall sober it's a good thing I don't drink.

Out front, as the night was winding up.  Fanclub had a huge tour bus and were heading to LA, while the Rosebuds
came and crashed in my pad here in Oakland.  The shot on the right is both bands plus some can't
really make anyone out, but it's the shot a bunch of people wanted so I took a bunch of this shot on different cameras.

The most exciting part of touring: the morning after, checking emails, and preparing for a mind-numbing drive
down the I-5.

The lads getting up...both talented dudes, check out their bands as well:
Reid (on the left) has a group called Schooner
Wes (on the right) has a group called Ticonderoga