The Rosebuds at Great American Music Hall - June 2007

My good pals The Rosebuds came through town, here are a few photos I took from the evening.  Sadly, not nearly as
many flicks as I thought I took, I guess I spent too much time jawing with them and not enough time photog'n. 

Sitting back stage with the kids, shooting the know, getting all rock star up in this mother fucker. 

Ivan proves that rock-n-roll is serious business.  This photo was taken during a lengthy discussion on whether or not
he could wear this puff paint t-shirt over his wife's pink long sleeve shirt on stage.  I said it was fine, others disagreed...

...the end result being a change of costume.  Pink may have lost this battle, but not the war!

And then the band performs...they were great as always.  Ivan had to play sitting down because of a basketball-related
knee injury coming back to haunt him.  The rest of the band bounced around extra hard to compensate. 

For the record, this is a Barbie-brand toy piano.  Don't ever accuse the Rosebuds of not keeping shit classy.

Ivan arranged his old man legs under him to stand for the final song.  It was just like the time when I saw BB King, who
sat most of the performance but would arise on occasion to play a crazy guitar solo.  Only he's about 150 years older
than Ivan. 

I only included this to prove that the Great American Music Hall is kind of a creepy joint when it is empty.  I've never
been much for ghost stories but if ever a place were haunted, this is it. 

I don't have any good reason for including this, except that it made me laugh.  Yes, I am fourteen years old. 

After this we went and ate some pizza and a couple of trannies got in a fight across the street while we were eating. 
It was a really special Tenderloin kind of moment, I'm glad the North Carolina kids got to witness it.