Wedding in Rhode Island - April 2009

One of Chelsea's high school pals was getting married in Rhode Island, so a weekend trip was in order...

After getting off the plane in Boston and grabbing our car, we made a b-line for this place...second best pizza I've had in my life
(after Garibaldis in Brooklyn). 

Even after this I went back for a third slice.  Don't get many opportunities to visit this place, gotta gorge yourself whiile you can.

The wedding was outside of Providence, so we booked a room at this new, fancy (and affordable) hotel in Warwick. 

And of course no hotel is complete without a bright pink truck in the parking lot. 

The hotel is actually a renovated portion of a former textile plant - specifically, the plant where "Fruit of the Loom" got it's
start back in the 1800s.  these photos and the ones below are some snaps of the rest of the factory, some of which appears to
be storage and/or art studios.  No doubt in five years the whole place will be sassed up like a fancy whore.

What car did we rent you ask?  Why, the first choice of any pirate in need of wheels...a Toyota YAR-is!
(I told this joke no less than a dozen times over the weekend, tickling myself every single time)

We spent the saturday morning before the wedding down in Newport walking along the coastline and gawking at the houses
of rich folks.  I'll let you guess whose idea this was. 

Here Denim Dan poses in front of one of the many homes that is probably worth more than my entire hometown. 

We had lunch at this was indeed "handy".  Actually, we had a late breakfast now that I think about it...still handy though.

The site of the wedding...well, specifically the site of the reception, the wedding was in the chapel next door.  Apparentyl this
huge compound is owned by the catholic church. 

It sat right on the bay. 

Chris, Chelsea's high school homie just before the ceremony...can you see the fear in his eyes?

Gettin' their hitch on. 

Gettin' her drink on. 

This is quite possibly my most favoritest photo of Chelsea of all time. 

This kid had us tickled for the entire reception, though I don't remember exactly why.  It may have involved us making mini-
Matthew McConaughey jokes and references to him doing day trading at pre-school. 

First dance and all that. 

The happy couple. 

On a completely unrelated note, noticed on our flight out that what I assume is the air traffic control tower at the Boston airport
looks just like one of the creatures from Tron...

...Yeah, those things, on the left.