Replicator CD Release Show May 2007 

Oakland Yokels Replicator had a CD release party at Bottom of the Hill, and I decided to trek over the bridge
and take in the ambiance...

El Buzzard opened...pretty good sludgy-metalish rock-n-roll.

I only took a couple of photos but I somehow neglected to snap a shot of the guitarist on the other side of the
stage that was wearing a cape.

More capes in rock-n-roll please.  Wouldn't this guy look better with a cape?  Obviously he would. 

I went to the smoking patio out behind the club and there was a dickload of folks I knew out we have
Tack posing with his special lady friend Niki.  The bulk of our conversation revolved around why you shouldn't
buy meth on the Big Island in Hawaii.  Just a heads up, in case you were thinking of doing that.

I totally sneak attacked Paulie from behind, resulting in one of the greatest pictures ever taken.

Lomo was also there!  As you can see from this photo, she was definitely not abusing the elicit substance
"cocaine" on this fair evening. 

Replicator came on, and I took some blurry photos of the band. 

Conan yelling.  Or singing.  Or whatever you want to call it.

Ben takes a brief pause from doing his robot impersonation to sing a little ditty.

More Conan, getting all ape arms on the guitar.

Now is the part of the show where we dance...Conan drops some computerized knowledge on yo ass.

As with most Replicator shows, at some point Conan ends up coming off the stage and writhing in the arms
of a man with a fancy moustache...if I've seen it once, I've seen it a thousand times. 

A close up of the man's male pattern baldness here folks.  Be glad you're not looking at the top of
my head, there is more deforestation up there than in the Amazon rainforest.

I was trying to document more of Conan's shenanigans, but I totally missed the action and instead got a
panorama of the crowd's reaction to his wrestling around.

Additional gratuitous shot of Lomo, for no real reason that I can think of other than that the male population
might enjoy it.  Also, gay ladies.

The gangs all here...Stephen, Paulie and Lomo all putting on their Sunday best faces for the camera.