Raven Rock State Park - February 2013

Drove down the road a bit and walked around one of the state parks. 

It's winter, so lots of walking through leafless trees.  It was a nice day though.

We took this furry bastard with us - it got him nice and tired. 

Lichens and shit.

The park runs along the side of the Cape Fear river.  Here we have an unobstructed view...

...And here is the same view blocked by a wife and a dog that would not look at the camera. 

The actual Raven Rock.  It's  big ass rock (actually a cliff), and I couldn't fit it all in my camera. 

The North Carolina version of a strangle fig. 


The rest of these photos are from the countryside near the park...old cars. 

Tobacco barn.

Regular barn.

Probably not a barn. 

Invisible barn.