Jake Rash Turns 30 - April 2008

Somebody just got old.

The birthday boy, Mr. American Starship Eagle himself.  By the time we got there he'd already been into the keg for a
few hours solo and was well plastered.

None other than Brian Weeks made the drive up from Wilmington to our place in Cary and then came up the mountain
with us for the festivities. 

Harriett and Bryan also made the long drive up, if by long drive you mean fifteen minutes away. 

As always, Kirby the boxer was there to greet us and beg for scraps, which he always got.  He may or may not have
gotten into the keg as well. 

Everyone's favorite mountain rocker hippy, Nathan, managed upon the scene.  He was really damn proud of that crow
feather in his hat, like a small child with a new toy.

Look at the Rash eyeballing Bryan messin' with his keg, like it's some sort of rare commodity.  Chelsea is indifferent
to the matter as a whole.

Much ping-pong was played this fine evening, with me whipping everyones' asses.  There was a lot of 'ping-pong" played
as well, which made me feel dizzy and light-headed and made my clothes stink to high heavens.

Carrot cake.  I hate carrot cake.  I drove hundreds of miles for a birthday party where I didn't even eat any cake.  What
a crock of shit.

A lot of beers in the belly at this point.

And still more beers.

also, hot dogs.  Why not?  IT was like a baseball game without the, uh, baseball game.

There is some sort of "drunk blowfish" caption that could be worked in here but it's just not quite coming to me.

Weeks will most likely try to claim he *wasn't* drunk in this photo, like he often does when I have incriminating evidence
on him, but c'mon now...we know the truth here, and his ass is boiled on the sauce.

Bryan was feeling warm from the booze himself, but not so much that he couldn't try to master Guitar Hero. 

Chelsea, well...yeah. 

The next morning Brian and I joined up with Nathan to check out his band's practice space in downtown Marion.

Nathan showed us how to play all of Dethklok's songs.  Or maybe he didn't, but that would have been awesome.

Brian was like a kid in a candy store seeing all these instruments and pedals and amps and such.  Myself, I'd have pre-
ferred to be in an actual candy store. 

Q: Why is a drum machine better than a drummer?

A: Because it can keep a steady beat and won't sleep with your girlfriend.

Nathan has a lot of guitars.  Some of them are Flying V's.  All of those guitars are awesome.

Nathan concluded the visit by performing the extended version of "In A Gadda Da Vida" for us. 

We then made a brief stop at Mamaw's for some tasty lunch, examined some glasses that were a thousand years old,
and hit the road.

Saw this en route back to the Triangle...awesome car, not so awesome a time to be driving it.