Randomness Summer 2003

Couple of small random sets from the summer of 2003...

These are from a surprise birthday party that Chelsea threw for me, and I was actually surprised,
totally hornswaggled.

This is the look of a man who has just been really surprised.  I rarely get surprised and I've never
really liked it, but it was a grand gesture on Chelsea's part.

Some attendees included Clay (with his back turned), Brandy, and Seth.  Brandy always gives
the best birthday presents.

Also Lisa, Tack and Sharon came out, and Sharon is wearin the awesome Prince shirt
I found at the thrift store and gave to her (and totally forgot about until now).

Tracy, Todd and Drew...this guy comes in second only to me when it comes to eating junk food.

On a totally unrelated note, as folks were taking off, Clay and Brandy changed into these outfits
for some costume party they were going to.  Clay looks the cover artist for some sort of "bad
boys of tennis" spread.

This set of photos was from a visit to Chelsea's home in Nevada City.

The main reason we went up there was to visit the Nevada County fair.  Here's Skyler and
Heather; not pictured is the funnel cake I ate, the star of the show.

At some point while we were there we went to the lake...I'm no huge fan of such ongoings, but
I played along.  Here is Chelsea and Skyler's mom Cathy and her husband Brad.

I'm pretty sure the expression on my face says everything about my feelings about being on a lake.

I'm much more comfortable on land.  No sharks or drowning, usually.

At some point we sidled up beside some folks who had constructed some floating barge with
a bar or whatnot on it, friends of the family or some such thing.  Here's Cathy enjoying an adult