Random Pictures - September to December 2013

You know, random shit.

Nate & Melissa.  Nate plays therock music and Melissa got a rare night out with the kids at the grandparents.  

Downtown Asheville.  

Christy & Mila were visiting the mountains at the same time we were, so hanging out occurred.  

Hanging out also occurred in black and white.  

Downtown Durham, after a show at the Pinhook.

Near Local 506 after a show there.  

Mr. Burt Q. Reynolds, eagerly waiting to go outside so he can come back in.  

These next two are super duper random, and not of this time period...found an old unprocessed roll of film from my SF days.  Both of them
would have been taken somewhere around China Basin off of 3rd Street.  

These last two were from last summer, the last two shots on a roll of medium format film I was trying to
finish off.  Didn't roll the film tight enough at first, hence the light leak at the top.  Todd.  

...and Brian, with his wild ass kids frolicking in the background.