Random Pictures - September 2009

The Rash clan and baby Rambo came down to the Triangle for a visit. 

Burt was infatuated with the baby.  I'm pretty sure he would have eaten Rambo if we would have let him.  Dogs love to eat babies
you know.

One weekend we went up to the mountains for a final weekend at the lake before the water got too cold. 

You have to keep the beast on a short leash or he'll jump in the water, and then freak out cause he's in the water. 

We got Burt to get on one of Max's rafts, but he was very unsure about it. 

Max loves floating around on a raft though, he just sits down and chills. 

I told the dogs, let's have a contest to see who can look more stoic...

...I think Max wins this round. 

Humpin' bugs.  You think there is a bug world version of Barry White to get them in the mood?

I think these caterpillars were humping too.  Damn randy bugs. 

This spider was not humping, but he was huge - probably the size of the palm of your hand with his legs stretched out. 

Exciting decorating news: I hung up some skateboards on one of the walls of my man cave. 

Look at that handsome bastard. 

Telekinesis! played a free show at Tir Na Nog.  Somehow I forgot to write one of my crappy reviews about it, but it was a good
show and Ivan from the Rosebuds played bass for him/them/however you refer to a one man band.  

Dude complimented my Gentleman Jesse t-shirt between songs, proving not only does he write and perform good music but
has good taste too.