Random Pictures - September 2007

A few random snaps that didn't warrant their own entry...

We kicked off the month with a trip to Chelsea's hometown of Nevada City.

Other than skating the always-fun GRass Valley skatepark, no trip up there is complete without a visit to the river (the
Yuba River I think, but I don't feel like looking for a map).   This shot was taken from the bridge that crosses the river -
I was not in a hot air balloon or on giant stilts, contrary to the rumors.

A view from below, or my study in the construction of rickety bridges part one. 

And this would be part two. 

Soon to be featured as Miss October in the "Rough and Ready Township 2008 Calendar".

A view in the other direction from where we were swimming...as you might imagine, during the spring when all the
snow melts this joint gets-a-gushin'.

You gotta love how the current makes odd contours in the rocks...the one made for a perfect "bucket" seat.

A view of the bridge from above...yes, cars still use it.  The road goes for miles and miles and miles out into the middle
of nowhere, eventually connecting with the booming metropolis of North San Juan.

At some point later in the month, I was hanging out at Todd's apartment, punching shit...

...Getting zooted with Zack and Drew...

...And watching "For Your Height Only", the greatest film known to man.

I have no idea what is going on here.  If anyone asks, my story is that it is a photoshop.

At some point I put together a complicated puzzle, and was so proud of myself I took a photo of it.

Drew managed to wrangle himself a free beach cruiser bike, and our resident bicycle brain Todd helped put it
together.  No word as to whether or not Drew got a free bowl of soup with that hat.

The day after our wedding, we went over to the city to hang out with Jake and Lauren before they headed back to
North Carolina.  We took them over to Fort Point - it was a beautful, clear day.

Hey!  It's the Gorton's fisherman!!!

Fort Point is also a famous surf spot, famous not just for the nice break but for some legendary asshole behavior from
the locals as well.

The seagulls were decidedly not impressed with the local talent on the waves this day.

Tourist shot of Chelsea and I.  One day married as of this photo.

Tourist shot of Jake and Lauren Rash.   I know Jake looks tough, lamping like he's Ravishin' Rick Rude or something,
but it's all talk.  No man who lives with a weiner dog can ever be considered tough.