Random Pictures - October 2017 to April 2018

An attempt at handheld long exposure at some manmade falls near Old Fort.  This was the one non-blurry one.  

The reason for the manmade falls - a defunct grist mill.

In January we got probably the biggest snow since we moved back to NC - around seven inches when it was done.  The goose dug it.  

(This was actually an earlier snow, before the child owned gloves and I put socks on her hand instead because you might be able to financially escape white
trash status, but you never escap it mentally.)

Back to the big snow, with Chelsea in my big jacket.  

The family that gets snowed on together, stays together.  

This stuff confuses him every time.  

Always with the paw up...three can be in the snow, but never four!

The snow was very fluffy and sticky and looked like cotton on the tree branches.  

Down past Sanford there is an animal rescue called Aloha Safari Zoo.  SO MANY BABY GOATS I WANT THEM ALL!!!

And regular sized goats too.

This one was into it.  

There were as many peacocks as there were goats.  It's almost like people get these birds because they look cool, having no idea what crazy loud fuckers
they are, and then ditch them the first chance they get.  

They were every-damn-where.