Random Pictures - October and November 2011

The Rash clan came down to the Triangle for hangin' and family business the weekend of Halloween.  Rambo put on his cop outfit and we
took him down to the local community center for a party and a bunch of junk food. 

I'd pay $100 if Jake would wear this for an entire day. 

On the prowl for candy. 

I think the sugar buzz was wearing off. 

Took some photos of the leaves changing in the backyard...

Burt poses in some leaves after being bribed with a dog cookie.  Handsome devil, but so bratty. 

One weekend in November we went up to the mountains...took a walk down at the river walk. 

Burt always has to investigate the river and bite ate the water. 

Trees be changin'.

Went to the slab in Asheville to skate with Nate, if you can call what we do skating. 

Nate doing a little thrister wallride on this sketchy piece of wooden junk. 

Emo stuffed panda approves.