Random Pictures - October and November 2010

We went to some New Raleigh street party whose name escapes me.  We took Burt and ate junk food and saw friends and
listened to music and generally enjoyed ourselves.

My man Roy's band Cellar Seas rocked out on the stage. 

As we do every year, we went to the State Fair.  We picked the right day, as it was fairly mellow - there was a chance of rain that
never materialized, which made things manageable. 

You might think that's a large truck, but it was actually an exhibit for a shrink ray that made Chelsea smaller than a matchbox car.
Not unlike when a witch turns someone into a newt, she got better. 

I can't think of one thing worth celebrating about horses. 

Fact: unlike horses, donkeys are awesome. 

Especially baby donkeys. 

Baby goats: also rad. 

We went nuts on a plate of ribbon fries.  We ate on these things forever and at least half the plate was left.  Goddamn things
multiply, it's like the opposite of dryer socks. 

Who uses a giant duck head to advertise parrot ice and fried chicken?  That's a lot of bird action. 

Nice cock.

  You just know there's a porno out there involving things being put into a carny with a large mouth. 

In non-fair news, one night I took a photo of the newspaper making machinery. 

The day after Moogfest Brian and I dicked around Marion, and the Rash clan stopped by to drink beer and shoot the shit. 

Rambo on top of the world. 

Emo Rambo.

Hippie Rambo. 

I only took two photos all of November apparently, both things I bought.  Anti Hero always have awesome graphics, and this
"They Live" inspired Frank Gerwer board almost got hung on my wall.  Decided to take a photo instead. 

I'm not even an Oakland Raiders fan or that much of a Star Wars nerd, but somehow combining the two meant I had to buy it.