Random Pictures - November 2009

There was a weekend-long music festival in Durham called Troika.  Gentleman Jesse & His Men got added at the last minute,
and it was super fucking amazing obviously.  One of my very favorite bands in the world right now. 

Jesse always wears such nice sweater vests too, the true sign of quality rock'n'roll. 

Dexter Romweber played after Jesse.  It's absolutely amazing what he can do with a tiny amp and a beat up Silvertone guitar. 

Brian was in town the following night, so we went to the Duke Coffeehouse and saw some bands (after I whooped his butt in pool
at the Green Room). 

Schooner played.  I'd seen Reid play as a second guitarist with the Rosebuds and I'd seen him play solo, but this was my first time
seeing the whole band.  Good, catchy clean pop.  

Lonnie Walker closed the night, and were amazing as usual.  This band continues to delight me. 

We did a Burt Reynolds photo shoot for our christmas card.  Most likely if you are one of the ten people who look at this website,
you already saw this.  The following are some of the outtakes...

Our backyard is a serious breeding ground for mushrooms, and for some reason I took a photo.  Now you are informed on the
situation and can react accordingly. 

Mom and Bryan and Max came for a visit, and the only photo I took was of the dogs wrestling. 

Ric Flair scratchers!  WOOOOOOO!

I saw King Khan & BBQ and took bad photos of them.  they were amazing as always. 

Is BBQ the only white man who can pull off a turban?  Probably.