Random Pictures - May to August 2012

I only seem to take the camera out with a purpose anymore, so the randoms get fewer and fewer.

Reid of Schooner.  I can't go to a show at the Pinhook without seeing him.

That green building near the Pinhook.  Might be the first time I've seen it in the daylight. 

Chain up your fancy bikes.  This thing needs a banana seat. 

One weekend we went up to the mountains and out on Lake James,

It was the middle of the day and the photos are kinda shitty.  Who cares, so what?

I also didn't bother straightening them.  Hard ot take a straight photo on a fast moving boat. 

Chelsea floating.  

Burt got left behind because he's a total pain on the boat but Max is an old pro. 

Looking for fish.

Saxapahaw, when I went to see the Archers out there in the ballroom. 

Same house after the show at night. 

John #1, pre-Spiritualized.

John #2, post-Spiritualized.