Random Pictures - May and June 2010

Went to my first Carolina Mudcats game (AA Cincinati Reds outfit) out in the booming metropolis of Zebulon.  It was small town
Americana baseball fun.

We walked in just before the game and got front row seats pretty much behind the plate.  You gotta love minor league baseball.

The stadium there is kinda weird.  almost all the seating os on the second level.  Got some good local ice cream though, which
is really all that matters.

Their mascot, Muddy the Mudcat, a catfish in a baseball uniform.  Though apparently this catfish can breathe out of water, some
sort of magical giant air breathing mascot.  And his half-sized friend Lil' Muddy...unclear if there was a little person in there or a
kid, but at one point he drop kicked the full size Muddy which was pretty awesome. 

And then some teeth raced. 

Took a couple of photos from inside of a hydrangea.  Looked like some underwater coral type shit.

SNAKE!  This guy was slithering around in the backyard, he was a couple of feet long.  Stuck his tongue out at me a couple of
times and then went about his way.

The mutt always makes a point to lay on as many human items as possible and cover them in his hound dog stink.

The paper where I grew up.  Only the most hard hitting news.

Mamaw turned 80, and all she got was this lousy t-shirt. 

Uncle Barney, portrait of an insane man.

It's so damn hot...milk was a bad choice.

Cute beagle-ish puppy that lives at the trailer next to where the fam park their boat.  Very friendly. 

We suited up Senor Reynolds for a boat ride and a swim. 

Chelsea tokk it upon herself to show off her new stylish hat to the world.  University of South Carolina fans are jealous, they love
a hat with a cock reference. 

Emo dog is emo.  and wet.  And stinky.