Random Pictures - March, April & May 2010

I know you might think I'm joking when I say how dumb my dog is, but here is a photo of him laying on the hard floor next to his
nice fluffy bed.  Weird dog. 

Brian came into town for a visit for reasons that excape me.  Probably to see a show. 

Ivan cruised over to hang out, watch basketball, shoot the shit...you know, the usual. 

As it was the spring, everything was in bloom.  It's the middle of the summer now and I'm really looking longingly at how cool it
looks in these photos. 

It feels like our house is being eaten alive by these plants and their berries. 

Ridiculous animal.  Get off the couch!

A very common sight in the house, year round.  Fact: cats like to lay in sunbeams and look out windows. 

My cactus bloomed.  This doesn't happen very often, so much celebration was had.  It was like a quinceañera up in that bitch.

Found this tiny fella under a wood pile...I assumed it was a garter snake but in researching snakes of NC I found out it might be
a northern redbellied snake.  Or it's just a garter and I'm thinking too hard about it. 

Had a dog photo shoot with his snazzy new bandana that Chelsea bought him. 

Handsome devil, but as dumb as two sticks in a sack.