Random Pictures - March 2009

The month started out with a wee dusting of snow.  I think we actually got more snow here in the Triangle than the family got up
in the mountains. 

The back of the house, in the event you thought I faked that first photo.

The completed CD shelves I built with my own hands!  Except that saw and drill I used, those were not my own hands. 

We drove down to Wilmington to hang out with Bryan and to check out his new man cave/jack shack/lad shed.

The boy genius himself, Bentley Q. Stottlemeyersoningham, was there to welcome us.

Brian needed somewhere to store all of his keyboards, and apparently my wife. 

Chelsea's preferred mode of transportation. 

Ben was hilarious on this thing...he hadn't quite grasped the concept of steering, choosing instead to bang on the steering wheel
with a stick.  This is not as effective as you would think, and he'd end up just driving straight until he got stuck.  But no - this did
not deter him; instead, he would just keep pressing on the gas until someone came over and picked up the tractor and aimed it
in a different direction.

BEANS!!!  Cold chillin'.

We went to the park.  And by "went" I mean that we walked about a half block down the street from Brian's house. 

the park proved to be fun for kids of all ages. 

I have nothing witty to say about slide photos.