Random Pictures - March and April 2011

Feeder birds!  Here we have a Tufted Titmouse, who look like blue jays only much smaller and...not blue. 

And this is a Carolina Wren, which looks just like a House Wren but with an eye stripe.  We have exactly one million of these guys in our
back yard. 

Night photos of the junk in the windows at Father & Sons. 

John wearing his Bill Elliott shirt he found in an abandoned trailer.  Living the good life. 

This dog is delightfully cute, and incredibly bratty. 

Family portrait.  Chelsea has a mischeivous look on her face.  Burt just looks dumb as usual. 

Grayson was talking before the free Real Estate show that Hopscotch put on.  I'm pretty sure he was doing an impression of a
"depressed bear" here. 

A random selection of photos taken during the USX show at the Kraken.

Nate from USX.