Random Pictures - March & April 2008

After arriving in NC from our cross-country trip, the camera didn't come out to often...but these are the times that it did...

Harriett made cookies for Easter.  Since she couldn't find her rabbit-shaped cookie cutter, we got festive Easter
lobsters instead. 

We visited my uncle Barney's junk store, where he sells literally anything and everything (Chelsea was not for sale though).

"For diarrhea and overindulgence in food and drink."

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a beautiful picture of panther, free with any order...

Chelsea doing her best "Diane Keaton on the seventies" impression.

We visited the Rash compund up in the holler...Kirby and Titty-Baby were there to greet us.  And then I forgot to take
any other photos. 

In further skulking-dog news, let's welcome the muse of this website, Max, to the party!

He then set about posing in various Playboy-type ways...

You straight scandelous, dog.  Don't try acting all bashful, we know better...

Visited a friends cabin out in the sticks near Old Fort, and this trailer was rotting in the woods next door.  So I of course
decided to stick my nose in and investigate...

Detail on the roof of the porch.  I bet this thing was super rad brand new. 

The kitchen - a little worse for wear obviously, but I may try to salvage that table...

I will not however be salvaging the mattress out of the bedroom. 

It turns out my mother has been living in there!  Small world indeed.

A hunk of shag carpet, or some crazy-ass moss growing on a log?  You decide. 

Chelsea spies something in the woods...

...It's a magical dog, walking towards a nuclear explosion!

Christy came in from Cali for a visit with her parents, and popped down the hill to see us and mouse one night.  We
spent a lot of time cracking wise on our former classmates.  Note to self: scan some of the photos from my old
yearbook so that all may laugh at the rediculous haircuts and fashion (myself included).

We packed up the whole family (from left, Aunt Laney, Mamaw, Mom, Bryan) and went to an Asheville Tourists game.
As always, we ate too much junk food and had a lot of fun.

Oh yeah, we brough Chelsea too.  You just can't shake the girl.

My grandmother's face in the cut-out, I might have to make that my christmas card this year.