Random Pictures - June 2008

Brian came up from Wilmington, and we met up with Ivan so we could go see motherfuckin' SWERVEDRIVER play!
It was an awesome show...I posted a review on the main page if you're interested. 

Adam Franklin of Swervedriver.  A shitty photo, but it's all I got.

...Outside of this even shittier photo, of course. 

No night out in Chapel Hill is complete without a stop by Time Out.

Oh man, look at those bins of goodness.  Not pictured are their giant square biscuits, which is what I always get,
with some tasty egg in it.

And this is why the glass is there - to keep folks like Ivan from sinking their man paws right into the vats of

The end result - a plate full of awesome.

later in the month we made a return trip to the mountains to hang out with the family and see the finished patio we had
worked on.  Chelsea instantly got busy putting it to use.

Ladies, meet your Playdog Pet of the Month fur June 2008!

I saw a turtle!  Apparently this guy lives off in the woods where thy throw the food scraps, just living high in the hog.

And just like magic, when I picked him up his arms and legs and head disappeared.  I wonder where they went...

Japanese beetle orgy.  You pay top dollar in Mexico to see something like this, and here I was getting it for free.

Tomatoes are coming in, or as I like to call them "shitty apples".

As per usual, a new animal has begun showing up at my mom's house - this time, the cutest puppy in the world.

We all made fast friends.  It was easily the mellowest puppy I have ever encountered. 

True story: Chelsea never learned how to read.  She just looks at the political cartoons and car sales ads.

We decided to take a scenic drive...hello, Avery county.

Went up on the Parkway and enjoyed the views...

See that forced smile on Chelsea's face?  It's because she was scared to sit here, given the past history of this
overlook - a few years back a couple of women were pushed off of here to their death.  It was a big deal in our neck of
the woods, as you might imagine. 


The clouds were looking neat, so I took a photo of them.  That's about it. 

Finally, on the last day of the month, the always awesome King Khan came and played the Local 506, with his backing
band the Shrines. 

I was really close to the stage.

It was a fuckin' awesome show.  Read more about it in the review on the main page.