Random Pictures - June & July 2007

A few random snaps that didn't warrant their own entry...

We made a trip over to the city to see some stand-up comedy, and Chelsea's hero Joel McHale was the MC.  I'm
pretty sure this picture documents the greatest moment of her entire life.  I am not joking.

On our way home, and she is still giddy rom getting to stand next to her favorite man in the world.  I'm pretty sure
Joel ranks above me, her dad and her brother. 

She was so excited, she nearly exploded. 

Later in the month, Sharon and Ian had a "we just got married" gathering at a local bar.   Here Sharon makes her "oh
shit I'm married" face. 

Fellow southerner Sarah was there, enjoying some adult beverages with the newly married Ian.

It seemed necessary to prove we were actually there and do leave the house from time to time. 

Someone (maybe Sharon) made these boobie-ish cupcakes for us to enjoy.  Mmm, boobies. 

I think they call this "art".  You could also call it "dork with a camera". 

It looks like Chelsea decided to hitch a ride to tipseyville...

A's game!  Yeah, I go to a bunch of these but I decided to bring the camera this time because my old friend Adam was
in town from Portland.  Bill King would have approved of the moustache (though not the Cubs hat).  Todd was obviously
there as well, properly outfitted. 

Zach came up from Palo Alto to partake in the fun as well. 

Lomo was there too!  We were rolling deep today. 

No, our seats weren't this good, but I snuck down and got an "action shot" of second baseman Mark Ellis snapping
off a hit.

(Insert sexually explicit joke about Lomo eating a hot dog here.)

Oy vey, it was kind of a crappy game.  The good guys lost. 

But there was one redeeming moment - a bench clearing brawl!  First time I've ever seen one of those in person. 
It all started when Ichiro was blocking a live ball and Joe Blanton pushed him out of the way to get it.  Then it got real

At some point during this span of time, I managed to talk an unenthusiastic Chelsea into going to a signing in down-
town Oakland...Nick Swisher and Marco Scutaro were making an appearance, and I didn't want to miss it.

I was decidedly more excited, but not as much as the crazy guy to my left...dude was FEELIN' IT.  He was also feeling
some Popeye's chicken, he went through a box of it like he was just rescued from the desert. 

Marco and Nick.

I finally made it to the front of the long line and got an autographed picture of Marco.  First time since I was a little kid
that I've waited in line for something like this. 

Pool party part two - the weekend after my birthday pool party, I had a few folks over it again.  Todd showed up
unprepared so we went down to the Longs and he bought some trunks, and then had to cut out the pre-attached
mesh panties that come in some trunks. 

Words fail me.

Zack decided the underwear made a better "racing bib" than anything else. 

It was a good day for a swim. 

Yar, I spy a whale. 

Christy and Tim made it over from Redwood City, as they hadn't been able to attend on my birthday. 

Feel the glory of the fake hot dog. 

Zack with the best face of the day, easily.  You gotta love a camera sometimes, capturing faces you never knew you
were even capable of making. 

The old lady trying to look all cool and shit in her fancy sunglasses. 

As a total side note, you can get cases of "real sugar" Mexican Coke in glass bottles at Costco.  Which is pretty
much one of the greatest inventions of mankind, up there with the wheel and electricity and Natalie Portman.