Random Pictures - June and July 2011

Went down to Wilmington to hang out with Brian and see the Rosebuds in an old restored church.  It was in a section of downtown
called Brooklyn that I'd never been to nor heard of. 

Took some night photos after the show as well. 


Ben posing for his portrait while eating blueberries. 

Brian's first child and second child. 

You think Brian's expression here doesn't adequately express how we all felt the next day after staying out late as if we were
still young kids?

Well, then this should say it all. 

Been taking photos of some of the birds in my backyard.  I thought this guy was an Oriole of some sort but now I think it is an
Eastern Towhee.  Which is a type of sparrow apparently. 

We took a trip out to the Eno Quarry to meet some friends.  It's a bit of a hike but a really nice swimming hole.  If you squint hard
enough you can see that is Grayson and Tina swimming below. 

Chelsea surveys the scene. 

Abby was there too, and some other folks I didn't know as well. 

Another shot of the quarry, taken with my phone. 

A picture of my boy John and John's hat and his boy Jeremy (I think) downtown during the Deja Mi Fest in front of the Lincoln

The Masonic building downtown.  God knows what happens in there...animal sacrifice, satan worshipping, old dudes playing
cards...it boggles the mind.