Random Pictures - July to October 2015

A very young brown thrasher.  Big enough to be on it's own, but still doesn't have it's feathers totally sorted out.  

Oriole.  Loud bastard.  

Skinny brown rabbit.  Our yard is thick with rabbits, despite our breed of dog being traditionally rabbit hounds.  He is 100% worthless.  

As I said - worthless.  He has three dog beds in our house.  Three!  It's our own fault he's like this, obviously.  

In October did a run of apple butter...it rained and I didn't take many photos.

The only way to do it - in a copper pot over the fire, stirring for a few hours.  

This was also the first meeting of Mamaw and Lola.  It's pretty awesome that she still has
both of her great grandmas around on my side of the family.