Random Pictures - July and August 2010

There was a shiny turtle in our back yard.  You might think it was shiny because it was raining out, but in actuality I ran the turtle
through the Krispy Kreme glazer. 

There is a new hound dog hanging out around my grandma's house who has been named "Daisy" by the family.  This is a bit
confusing as mt grandma is often referred to as "Daisy" also.  My family need to think up some new names. 

I wouldn't advise this dog or anyone else smell Brian's shoes. 

Ah, classic Marion architecture. 

I'm cool with Paul sucking balls, but Nici really needs to work on her spelling. 

Downtown Durham. 

A cicada corpse, hanging out on a rusted piece of metal.  Art!

Chelsea putting a choke hold on our dog.  His legs aren't long enough for a figure four, so this will have to do. 

And then there's that. 

Downtown Raleigh. 

At some point I went down to Wilmington and did the beach thing. 

Brian in his "creeping" glasses.  You can gawk at the bikinis, but they don't catch you gawking. 

I think Ben has outgrown this toy. 

Brian holding Booker T, the best named baby in the business. 

The most important part of any trip to Wilminton - going to Britt's for breakfast the next morning. 

It wasn't more than a couple of minutes after this photo that Ben started projectile vomiting a technicolor amalgamation of
doughnuts, Fruit Loops, and chocolate milk.  This kid is going to do big things.