Random Pictures - January to June 2017

We got some snow in January...well, more ice than snow.  Lola's first time with frozen precipitation either way - she was mostly perplexed.  

Wearing socks for gloves.  Obviously, we stay prepared for winter weather here.  

Not Burt's first rodeo...doesn't really give a shit.  

The water table is her best friend.  Clothes optional.  

Baby work.

Happy doofus.  

When grandma was in town from California we took Lola to Pullen Park to do kid shit, like ride trains and carousels and general tomfoolery.  

The Junget ladies.  

She wasn't a fan of the carousel...might have been a little young for this one.  

While standing in the yard in June this brown thrasher was hanging out right next to me, bold as can be.  No idea what got into him/her, but it made it real
easy to get a good photo.