Random Pictures - January 2010

In one of the few examples of his hound-ness, Burt found a dead squirrel and then toted it around the entire neighborhood.
Delightful animals, dogs.

  We let Mouse scoot around outside occasionally.  The bewildered look on Burt's face says it all...

Can you spot the owl?

Thar she blows!

I took a photo of the TV of the Philly Flyer's Daniel Carcillo because the dude might be the most "hockey" looking hockey player
I've ever seen.  That's obviously the face of a man who says "eh" a lot.

Ridiculous animal.

The Rash clan, with baby Rambo in tow, came for a visit.  That child and his baby toupee are very photogenic.

  Rambo is well heeled in the art of hat eating.

Goofy hats that make you look like an extra in a live-action Dr. Seuss movie, so hot right now.

Downtown Raleight one night after a show at Slims.

Why yes I am, thank you for noticing!

It snowed.  I took a couple of photos.

Burt loves the snow.  Someone needs to explain to him that he is a southern hound dog and not a sled dog.

He dances and pounces on the snow like the whole thing is a giant pile of rabbits. 

Meanwhile on Mouse TV...