Random Pictures - January and February 2013

Doves nesting in a dogwood tree one day when it was coming a light rain. 

Mouse the cat keeping an eye on things.  My money is on some squirrels and/or birds. 

We got a couple of slight snows this year, so I forced Burt to sit in it for posed picture time. 

Non-dog snow. 

Non-dog birdhouse. 

Non-dog...you get the drift. 

In February my man Brian came up from Wilmington what for some general dicking around and such. 

Our dude Ivan was in town recording some Rosebud's demos for their next album, and wanted Brian to lay down a lead guitar part on one
of the songs. 

"Make it Fleetwood Mac-ier!"

Brian's attempt at a mid-sixties jazz album cover. 

Hot lixx.